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Alondra Perez is an actor, writer and photographer from the Bronx. 

Alondra began acting when she moved to Pennsylvania, mostly because there was nothing else to do; her writing career began when she was seven. She wrote love songs and poems for her older cousins who were perpetually heartbroken. Alondra writes her best work in the shower, where she is able to come up with comebacks for real life situations, that would other wise never see the light of day.

Alondra is fluent in English, Spanish and French. She also has the keen ability to code-switch on cue.

In her free time, Alondra enjoys going to museums. She enjoys laughing disruptively at the babies in medieval paintings that look like old balding men and watching the Art History students pretend to find meaning in Jackson Pollock paintings.

Alondra finds it strange to speak of herself in the third person and promises to never do it again. 

By Angeliea Stark

By Angeliea Stark

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